100 Favourite Recipes Cookbook

Since starting ‘Cooking the Books’ in 2015, I have amassed nearly 400 recipes that I have loved testing, tasting, photographing and blogging but the original point of all of this – other than indulging my love of abundant cooking, sharing, eating and drinking – was to write a cookery book for my kids, contained in which were our favourite family recipes and it has not yet been realised.

So, over the next few months, I am going to rifle the pages of my blog and randomly pick out 100 of my favourite recipes, haphazardly creating the book so long ago promised (I have tried over the last six months to do this in a grown up, structured fashion but it just isn’t happening). Tomorrow then, is the beginning of my 100 favourites and when I reach the end, I will have my promised book to share with family and friends and it will have evolved as each of the recipes did – they just took my fancy!

And once I close the final chapter on my favourite 100, a new chapter will begin in my kitchen – new recipes but taking a different approach – I hope you enjoy both the old favourites: lavish, sumptuous, rich and indulgent; as well the new: bountiful, vibrant and effervescent. Cheers!

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