About Me

What’s it all about…

I have a great appetite for life and the most wonderful family and lovely friends aside, I love food, love photography and have a bit of thing going on for good red wines.

So, Foodie, Photographer, bit of a Lush! A great set of raw ingredients from which to create this blog to share, like all good food, with family and friends.

My kitchen with it’s many shelves is stuffed with cookery books. Most of us have a stack of them but in all honesty, only a handful of recipes have been plucked from them. Often, the dishes look too daunting or the version on television is a lot harder and more time consuming in reality.

So, my plan is to go through them, choosing a variety that get the taste-buds going and appear really do-able and fun to do. I’ll try them out and let you know how I get on.

I’ll grapple with Mary and Delia, Jamie, Tom and James, Marco and Rick, Lisa, Angela and Nigella; we’ll try a bit of Roux, Blanc and Carlouccio, experiment with Blumenthal and…really, anyone else whose books find their way into my kitchen. I’ll let you know where the recipes have come from, how easy they were, how long they took and whether they made us happy. Also, what kind of a mess my kitchen was in during the process and whether I tinkered with it a bit! My foodie-passion will be matched with my love of photography and each dish will be captured in the studio (next to the kitchen) just before it reaches the table.

This is an evolving project that I want to share with all my foodie friends and as it goes along, I’d like to add some of your family favourites if you’re happy to share. New ingredients, wine finds, hmmm perhaps a cocktail of the month, happening events at food festivals and markets, the odd restaurant experience…. all that stuff, I’ll put it on here and you can sift in and out, weighing up what you fancy trying in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy it – I know I’m going to, so please raise a glass to ‘Cooking the Books’.

Live the Life you Love; Love the Life you Live!

The Recipe behind Cooking the Books

So the reason for this site has come about is quite by chance. Last year, I tasked myself with capturing and publishing on Facebook a picture that made me smile: one for each day of the year – 365 happy images in total. The reason for THAT was simply that it’s too easy to let a day pass when we don’t particularly value the gift of life and appreciate the little things. Taking my camera everywhere with me opened my eyes to the beauty that was all around me – often really simple things – but until then, I had quite simply, missed. There were days however, when quite frankly the weather was scank – no way was I going out and looking for smiley things. So, instead I started to retreat into my studio to create images that made me smile: beautiful flowers in soft lighting, favourite wines splashing into glasses, an almost infamous ‘fire and ice’ rum cocktail and then……food, food, lots of food. The recipes became a means of me creating a little naughtiness that would definitely create smiles as well as increased waistlines so I doubled up on the happiness of the project by combining indulgent food with indulgent photography – yippppeee! Then, a weird thing started to happen: the interest in food and finding recipes to delight in gathered apace with new creations appearing at our family table two or three times per week (only after they’d visited the studio for their portrait shot). Not all of them were appreciated of course but from this newly found love of the kitchen and its bounty came this project.

Armed with my vast collection of cookery books, my camera and a decent glass of wine and ‘Cooking the Books’ was born!

What about me?

Never sure whether this should have been written in the third person – it does seem to be what people do, but hey, you know I’m writing it. So, for those of you who don’t know me that well – what qualifies me to do this? Absolutely nothing. I’m no great cook but I have recently come to love it – I love creating the dishes, photographing them and sharing them. If I can cook them to enjoyable standard, so can anyone else and that’s something worth sharing.