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Mint and Chocolate Chip ‘No Churn’ Ice Cream

Gorgeous – delectably fresh and minty with a generous handful of chocolate chips. Delightfully moreish and it has the most important seal of approval from the grand kids – it must be good!!!!

What you need…

300ml double cream

½ of a 397g tin of condensed milk (see tip)

Green food colouring (I use icing colouring which comes as a thick gel)

1½ teaspoons peppermint extract

60g dark chocolate chips

What to do…

Use an electric hand held whisk to beat the double cream to form soft peaks. Pour in the condensed milk and use a balloon whisk to gently fold it in so that it is evenly incorporated.

Tip in the peppermint extract. Insert a cocktail stick into the icing colouring and then dip it into the ice cream mixture – a little goes a really long way. Use a balloon whisk to gently but thoroughly mix together and add more colouring until you achieve the colour you like. (If you are using liquid food colouring, add ¼ teaspoon at a time until you achieve the colour you like).

Chuck in the chocolate chips and stir in thoroughly. Pour your ice cream into a bowl or tub, cover with cling film and pop into the freezer for at least 6 hours.


Working out what ½ can of condensed milk is would clearly be a pain in the neck. When I make ice cream I mix together 600ml double cream with a whole can of condensed milk and then spoon half into a separate bowl to create a different flavour. This works brilliantly and the freezer always has lots of different flavours in (coffee and kahlua, salted caramel with Tia Maria, mango, passion fruit and rum, chocolate and black forest gateau, for instance – all made with the same double cream and condensed milk starting point).

How easy…

These ‘no-churn’ ice creams literally take minutes to knock up!

Inspired by…

The base mixture of double cream and condensed milk is courtesy of the wonderful Mary Berry. From there, I experiment with flavours by chucking in all sorts of combinations!