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Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares

Such a great one to do with kids – easy to make, little danger of too much mess and best of all, they taste great! Lovely milk chocolate enhanced by sweet, rich golden syrup and the crunch of rice krispies – an absolute, all-round delight. Try them – you don’t necessarily need an available child but it does bring an extra dimension of joy to the proceedings!

Makes 16 – 24 squares

What you need…

1 x 30cm x 20cm Swiss roll baking tin, lined with foil

200g good quality milk chocolate (150g for the recipe and 50g for chef’s privileges)

50g unsalted butter

60ml golden syrup

135g rice krispies or a gluten-free puffed rice cereal if gluten is a concern

At least 1 x small child (optional)

What to do…

Ask small child to break up the chocolate into chunks, explain about chef’s privileges and indulge in the naughty extra chunks yourselves. Keeping small child at bay, tip the remaining 150g chunked chocolate into an ovenproof bowl and set in a steamer over a pan of simmering water (bain-marie) and gently melt the chocolate. Don’t stir.

Turn off the heat but leave the bowl in the steamer. Add the butter and syrup and leave to stand for 2 minutes, then gently fold them in until evenly incorporated. Remove the bowl from the pan.

Stand the bowl on a tea towel so that it doesn’t slip. Explain to small child that the bowl is hot and that you will hold onto it whilst he or she tips in the rice krispies. Rescue those that didn’t make it into the bowl and add them! Explain to small child to fold the krispies in quickly but gently (so they won’t go everywhere) – oops – too late – they’re all over the worktop! Rescue flung krispies and help fold them in until they’re all covered in the lovely chocolate mixture.

Tip into prepared tin and ask small child to use a spatula to spread out evenly and then flatten down so that the krispies are tightly packed. Do a quick quality-control check before popping the tray in the fridge to set for 2 hours. Distract small child.

Use a sharp knife to cut into squares. Keep whatever you can in an airtight container, but let’s face it, they’re not going to last long! Have wipes ready for sticky fingers and faces! Enjoy! Sometimes, it’s just great being a kid again!

Inspired by…

Nigella Lawson and Laura Holborrow!

How easy…

Child’s Play!