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Exotically Naughty Turkish-Inspired No Churn Coffee and Cardamom Ice Cream


So, just a couple of weeks ago I pronounced my take on a no churn coffee and Kahlua ice cream to be stratospherically stupendous and sinfully good. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve made it – the freezer is never without a freshly made tub. But last time, I took one third of the basic mixture and added cardamom seeds, the inclusion of which have created an extra dimension to this lovely frozen dessert: a wonderful aromatic, slightly spicy and exotic Middle-Eastern flavour that somehow intensifies the coffee – fabulous! The only problem we now have is which version we prefer the most – with or without the cardamoms!!!! Anyway, I felt the need to share this slight twist on my original recipe. Another ‘naughty but gorgeous’ addition to our growing list of sinful desserts!

What you need…

600ml double cream

397g (1 tin) condensed milk

4 espresso coffees/200ml VERY strong coffee (cold)

2 tablespoons camp coffee

4 tablespoons Kahlua/coffee liqueur

12 – 15 cardamom seeds

What to do….

Use an electric hand held whisk to beat the double cream to form soft peaks. Pour in the condensed milk and use a balloon whisk to gently fold it in so that it is evenly incorporated.

Pour in the cold espresso, Camp coffee, Kahlua and cardamom seeds and stir to incorporate. Pour into a plastic container, pop the lid on and stick it in the freezer for at least 6 hours. Indulge, enjoy and immerse yourself into this exotic, sinfully delightful ice cream – just keep going – it’s hard to stop!


Once out of the freezer, it takes about 10-15 minutes to reach the consistency whereby you can easily scoop it out.

Inspired by…

Mary Berry is responsible for the base no-churn ice cream. Since making her Honeycomb ice cream, I have started experimenting with other flavours – this and a Limoncello and Lemon Curd one (not yet blogged) being the latest…to be frank, it’s becoming a little obsessional and ever so slightly addictive!

How easy…

Stupidly! And it’s quick. What’s not to like?!